The Yellow Brick Road

By Yvonne Garris BSW

I’ve been thinking about what makes my friends and me different from other people who are
disabled. It is our mind set and attitude. We do not look at ourselves as disabled and if we
come across something that poses a challenge we figure out a way to do it. Now, I am not
saying it is the same way others may get the task done, but who really knows what is the correct way?
Here are two questions to ask yourself:
Do you look at yourself as disabled?
Do you find it difficult to do things now that you are disabled?
If you answered yes then you are near the beginning of the road of acceptance. Think of the
road like the yellow brick road in Wizard of Oz. When Dorothy started on her journey she was
confused. If I remember correctly the road started out in a spiral like pattern so Dorothy went
around in circles until the road straightened out. The further along Dorothy went the bigger the
yellow bricks got and the eventually straightened out to lead out of the town. Although Dorothy
was scared she knew she had to follow the road to get to “Emerald City” where the wizard
lived. Now I am not saying that following the road will help you find a wizard, but I think you
will grow and get stronger the longer you are on the road.

Keeping with the Dorothy reference, when you first become disabled you have no idea
what is going on. If you are like me, I felt like I was all of a sudden in another world. There were
even times I felt like the witch the house fell on. However, I soon discovered my ruby red
My ruby red slippers were my mind set! Once you change your mindset you will find you can do
things so much easier. Is it easy to change your mindset? No, not always, that is why we have
friends. Dorothy’s friends were a scarecrow who wanted a mind, a tin man who wanted a heart and a lion who wanted courage. I think we can all identify with these characters at one time or
another. Think about it, when it came down to it, everyone pulled together and it turns out that
they had what they wanted all along. It was all in their minds so to speak. There is a great quote
from Henry Ford it says “Whether you think you can, or can’t, your right”.

Before Dorothy and her friends got to Emerald City their belief was that they could not think,
feel or have courage. All the wizard did for them was to give them a piece of paper that said
they had what they wanted. Feel free to print out this article as your decree from me to you
that you can do anything you decide you want to do. You see I have faith in you!
I am here for you and will be your ruby red slippers and help guide you down the yellow brick
road. We can face the wicked witch together and I will help you get out of the scary forest into
the field of flowers. I promise if you fall asleep in the field like Dorothy did I will help wake you up to all the possibilities you have! Just click on the following link to schedule a time on my calendar to chat and get to know each other:
I look forward to chatting with you and until then, keep reaching for the stars!



2 thoughts on “The Yellow Brick Road”

  1. I think it is wrong of us to think that we are not Disabled, since we are. I was born totally blind and that meant doing things a different way. It is not always easy, but you can accomplish your goals if you just keep at it and follow the advice of the Serenity Prayer.

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