Wishing you Luck in this Monkey Year

Today is the Chinese New Year which will be the year of the Fire Monkey. So I thought I would take this chance to wish everyone a lucky monkey year and give you a couple of fun facts about Chinese New Year. First the Chinese celebrate their new Year according to the lunisolar calendar so the date changes from year to year. There are 12 different signs and if you were born in the sign the year is in you could have bad luck. They also have 5 elements each having a different meaning. During the Chinese New Year people greet each other with the name of the year in the greeting. Now you understand why I said wishing you a Happy Monkey Year.

You are probably saying to yourself, Yvonne we can find all of this information online. This is very true and that’s exactly how I found it. But I thought it was fun and I thought we could tie it into looking at disability and fresh starts.

Today we have a chance to start fresh again. So if what you wanted to start January 1 did not stick, start now. We can always find reasons to celebrate, whether it is the holiday or that you were able to get out of bed this morning.

Being disabled can give you even more chances to celebrate. Before you leave just hear me out please. I say that because you have the opportunity to celebrate all your little wins. When I was first losing my sight it was great when I could dial the phone or cut my own food without it going all over the table. While the celebration I had was not the kind you will find during Chinese New Year, a little pat on the back or a little cheer was just as important.

Here’s a great example of me celebrating. When I learned how to cook hamburger and made hamburger helper for the first time I was so happy it was the best thing I had ever tasted. I was almost giddy because I actually cooked for myself I had to call my mom. Trust me if I would have had fireworks that I could have set off I just might have I was that happy. This is because I had regained even a little more of my independence.

Independence is a big deal to a person that has just become disabled. One of the first things that starts going through your mind when you become disabled is how am I going to live like this or what am I going to do? At least that was my experience. I did not want to move back in with my mom. I loved her very much, but I couldn’t live with her. So every little step was a step in the right direction – independence!

Celebrate the year if the Fire Monkey today and remember to celebrate all of your wins, no matter how small or large they may be. When you are positive then things will come to you easier and not get you down as easily. On the days you may feel down, find a little something to celebrate, like getting out of bed. If you would like me to help you find your way and what your stars are just let me know http//:www.freshoutlookcoach.com!

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