who has control

I hope that this morning’s quotes helped you look at your life and see if you are allowing anyone to have control of your happiness. They both touched me and that is why I put them together. The "dis" in disability does not mean give up control; it just means that your abilities are a little different now. Only you know what makes you happy and please do what is in your heart to make you happy and make your heart sing. Life as a disabled person is not always the easiest and when you are trying to please others it just becomes more difficult. If you are not sure what makes you happy take a few minutes or longer and just be by yourself, then think about what makes you smile. What did you do when you were little that you loved doing? Is there something you enjoyed doing before you became disabled that you no longer do? Can you still do it or can you find a way to do it? Try to do something that makes you happy at least once a day.

Did you know? I heard that they have some kind of laughing classes? Because laughing is so good for you and if one person starts to laugh it is like yawning it is contagious. Try it and let me know. Start laughing, I mean really laughing and see if others don’t join in. I know it has happened to me, and it is fun and funny. To help you out here is a picture of my 2 great nieces playing with my iPad.


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