what’s your dream?

Dreams are great and generally changes start with a dream. However it is so very easy to only dream and not act on them. I love today’s first quote! Do you want to be usual? I know I don’t, frankly I really never have been. Now more than ever I let my true colors show and I don’t worry as much about what people think. I have learned that if you worry about what people think you will stay in one place and not act on your dreams.

I watched one of my favorite movies over the weekend. The movie was Pretty Woman and at the end you hear a man asking “so what’s your dream?” Now I am asking you. Here’s the catch to answering this question though, if you are disabled the answer is not you want your ________ back, because that’s the easy answer. Would I like my sight back? Sure and I’m keeping tabs on the research that is going on about optic nerves. But, you cannot base your whole life around, maybe I will get my _______ back. Remember that is only one small part of who you are. So I will ask again – what’s your dream?

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