What is Coaching

-In short, it’s a collaborative process, in which I help you define, speak out loud and strategically move toward what you really want in life. I will help you win at the games you play in life and I will help you find success as you define it -and deserve it!

How will you help me do that? -Bringing to our relationship my personal, professional and educational experience allows me to utilize many skills in the programs we will work together.

• I listen to you -not for judgment but for understanding
• I ask questions that allow you to think in new and revealing ways
• I motivate, encourage and support you every step of the way
• I share resources that will assist you and provide good information
• I help you reveal, define and then focus on your true passions and dreams
• I co-create supportive structures and environments in your life -ones you can count on
• I hold you to your inner highest standard -accountable to your personal best!

Who uses a coach? -Individuals, families, small companies, large corporations and……you! Coaching is found in every industry and situation you can imagine. Life provides an abundance of circumstances, coaching provides an abundance of support.