What Inspires you?

Now that I have your attention and maybe even got the wheels in your brain going. Take a minute and stop and really think how many things can really inspire us. I asked the same question on Twitter and some of the answers I heard were: poetry, books, nature, kindness, and music. The three things that inspire me the most are quotes, music and the strong women in my life.

People who know me know that I love quotes, and I even have a book of them on my website (http://www.freshoutlookcoach.com). But when I was losing my sight there was a quote from the Bible that helped me. I say it was a quote since I am not sure of the passage and it goes something like; God doesn’t put more on us then we can handle. Now trust me, I had some choice words for God at times, but remembering that kept me going. There is another quote was “If you’re going through hell keep going” by Winston Churchill. I certainly didn’t want to stop where I was, so I had to keep going to find something better.

Then I had my music, there were two songs specifically that helped lift my spirits. The first one was Up by Shania Twain she sings “it’s ‘bout as bad as it can be” and “can only go up from here” You can’t help but be in a better mood by listening to that song, at least in my opinion. The other song that helped me was Sheryl Crow’s Soak up the sun and the line “it’s not having what you want, it’s what you’ve got” and when she says that she has no one to blame. I really connected with that line since my sight loss just was what is was and there was really nothing I could do. What I get from the song is you need to enjoy what you have and don’t dwell on what you don’t have. Which is a great message and maybe is why the song always seemed to make me feel at least a little better?

The biggest inspiration I have had especially while losing my sight were two very strong women in my life. First was my mother who was there for me every step of my journey. She was always strong, supportive, and somehow knew when to give me little shoves to take the next step to regain my independence. I am still inspired by her strength even though she died two years after I lost my sight. The other strong woman that I gained inspiration from was my grandmother who went completely blind in her 70’s and then a few years later she lost part of her leg due to complications from diabetes. I was in my teens when this all happened and the thing I remember the most was that she got up and walked with a walker around the house. So while I was losing my sight and was having a hard day I kept remembering my grandmother who in her 70’s was blind, lost a leg and would walk in the house with a walker, so if she could do that I could certainly get through whatever was going on with me.

So now that you know what my inspirations are, I will ask you again what are yours. When you are down think of what inspires you and take strength from that and things will get better, it just may take some time.

If you enjoy music put on some of your favorite songs and dance around the house. Let the movement inspire you into action. You may feel silly, but remember that laughter is some of the best medicine. Or, if music is not your thing then try going outside and getting some fresh air and either just enjoy the outdoors or read. The most important thing is try doing what inspires you and you will see your down mood turn around much faster.


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