What do you need when your life gets turned upside down and you become disabled? A Fresh Outlook Coach!

For Immediate Release

After months of hard work Fresh Outlook Coach is finally ready to unveil the "10 Tips for the Newly Disabled" report and "10 Lessons to Empower Yourself when Newly Disabled."

These are must haves for the newly disabled person drawing from Yvonne’s own personal experience. The 10 Lessons course goes deeper and gives a better understanding of the 10 tips.

Yvonne Garris, founder and CEO of Fresh Outlook Coach, lost most of her sight back in 2004. While there were many rehab services available to help relearn daily living skills, there was no one to help figure out what to do now that she was now disabled. This is why she has started Fresh Outlook Coach. The two programs mentioned above are the 10 most important tips that Yvonne wishes she would have known when she first became disabled.

Some tips included are:

• Remembering that you are still you

• Patience

• Advocacy

• Organization

To get more information about the programs go to: yvonnegarris, or call her at 717-394-1191.

She wants to help other disabled people figure out what they want to do with their new lives now that they are disabled.


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