U Stands for Unlimited Possibilities

U Stands for Unlimited Possibilities

By Yvonne B. Garris

If you take one thing away from this series please take this. Just because you may now not be able to do some things the way you have done them in the past does not mean you are less of a person! That is why I started my business and that is why I am doing this series. The numbers of possibilities that are open to you are limited by you. Granted there may be things you cannot do, that is the nature of disability. However, those things are getting less and less with the advancement of technology.

Right now for me the possibility of me driving next week is quite slim. But, I believe that I will drive again. I am not sure if it will be with me being able to see or not, but I am planning to be able to drive again. Frankly, the possibilities should be exciting you. Are things going to be hard, yes? I am not going to sit here and lie to you. I will also tell you that March 1, 2004 was the last day that I worked and March 2, 2004 was the last day I drove. So this week has had a few little hiccups for me. If we do not have emotions we are not human.

But here are some of the unlimited possibilities that have opened up for me. I got to go to college. Before I lost most of my sight I only had a high school education. I have a lot of really cool technology, okay it all talks to me. When I could see I hated things that talked to me, and now everything does, but, now it makes me very happy! I have developed a thirst for improving myself and education. You need to check out TED.com and listen to some Ted talks. They have talks on all kinds of topics. Best of all I got to start my business and meet all of you! I have met many wonderful people since I have become "disabled" and at this point in my life I do not think I would change anything.

Now it’s your turn. What possibilities have opened up for you? Comment on the blog or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FreshOutLookCoaching?ref=bookmarks) I look forward to hearing what you have to say! Until next time.

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Yvonne Garris

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