Training and Consulting

Nurse helping man in wheelchair
Training and Consulting for hospitals, doctor offices and anyone who wants to learn how to work better with their disabled clientele.

How much do you and your staff know about working with your disabled clientele? If you have offered in the past, how long ago? I offer training and consulting services so you and your staff can be more professional and know how to work with your disabled clientele.

I was sighted for the first forty years of my life and since 2004 have been visually impaired. I am amazed how varied my treatment has been by the medical profession. I have been pushed, pulled and every once in awhile I am treated the correct way. This gives me the unique qualification to train your staff on how to work with their disabled clients.

Did you know that little changes can make a world of difference to a person with a disability? Sometimes the fact that you decide not to change something is the right decision. One example of how a small change can make a big difference is with plants. If you have a large plant, it can be used as a landmark for a visually impaired person. If you would move that plant then the visually impaired person would be lost since they have now lost their point of reference.

Help your staff treat your disabled clientele with the same respect they treat their able bodied clients.

Here are some things I offer:

• General guidelines for working with the disabled population.
• Accessible materials and what they are exactly.
• How to be a sighted guide
• Best practices when pertaining to guide dogs

• Design recommendations for your project.
• How little modifications can make a big difference to a person that is disabled.
• Recommended signage.

Please contact me for your specific needs. Trainings are interactive and are perfect for staff in-services

I look forward to working with you and helping to make your workplace a friendlier place for the disabled population!