Theme for the week Take Action

I’m sorry I have not posted for a little while. I have been busy and distracted and while I know that is not a good excuse it is truth. So I hope to do better and with that I have decided that this week’s theme will be “Take Action!”

Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet as our first quote today tells us we can’t hold on to the old if we want to strive for our goals. If you happen to be disabled your steps might be smaller or look a little different than others, but the important part is that you start. I felt bad for realizing that I haven’t doing my weekly posts, but I am taking steps to correct that and will work on putting things in place so the gap will not happen again. I am also starting to move my body more so I am taking action on 2 fronts. Find a friend to help you to be accountable, or let us know what you are doing to take action.


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