The New F Word

Let’s talk about four letter words for a minute. When I was thinking about writing this and about four letter words I could only think of three and they are the F bomb of course, then we have sh*t, and damn. Now I would like to add another F word to the list of bad four letter words, and that is Fear. In my opinion that word is worse than the other four letter words because it can stop you from doing the things you enjoy doing.

The other day I went swimming with my family, sounds like fun right? Well, it was after I faced my fear. When we got to the pool the only table was one at the far end of the pool, so that is where we put all of our stuff. Everyone went and got in the pool, and my sister waited to make sure I knew where the pool was. Well, we were at the deep end of the pool and my sister said she was going to jump in and I wanted to as well. So, in went my sister, and she told me it was okay for me to jump in, but I was afraid.

Now me afraid to jump into the pool? I used to dive from the high dive and make fun of my little sister when she didn’t want to jump off the high dive. Now I was afraid to jump into the pool from the side, there was no diving board involved. So, what were my options? I could wuss out and burn my feet while walking slowly to the shallow end where the steps were or face my fear hold my nose and jump in. The question was; what did I believe more my rational mind that told me that it was okay and safe to jump into the pool or my irrational mind that was full of fear telling me that something bad would happen if I jumped in. I am happy to tell you that I did jump in; I took an extra deep breath because I was afraid, but I knew it would be okay. Let me tell you when I came up from that refreshing cool water it was the best feeling! Not only because I was cooled off from the hot weather, but I conquered my fear.

When fear rears its ugly head you need to ask yourself if it is valid and reasonable. In my case it wasn’t, my fear wasn’t trying to keep me safe it was keeping me from doing something that I find very enjoyable. Ask yourself why are you afraid, is it a valid reason? Sometimes you just have to take an extra deep breath face the fear and go for it. Also if you are in the middle of something and fear rears its ugly head you can stop and take a breath. You may find sometimes there is a valid fear, but you need to proceed, your mind wants to protect you at all costs. You are the one that needs to learn when to listen and when to tell it to calm down.

Now that I have conquered my fear of jumping into the pool, I doubt that it will return, since now I know that I can jump in safely. But I still fear escalators that are going down, because I have a fear of falling. When I need to take an escalator I take an extra deep breath and get on safely, I don’t avoid it or fear will win. Picture yourself successfully doing whatever you have a fear of then take a deep breath and do it! I would love to know what you are afraid of so please email me at and let me know.


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