As a solo entrepreneur with a few irons glowing in the coals, when valid reasons interrupted my success plan, Yvonne was the understanding coach; but when I let those valid reasons serve as a launching pad for other items to interrupt my plans, she recognized what was going on immediately, pointed it out, and got me back on track. Having Yvonne in your corner–not afraid to tell you what is really going on when you’re too close to the situation–is key to eliminating precious goal achieving time in today’s fast paced virtual world – Brad, MN

Working with Yvonne helped me see that just because I thought something was a goal does not necessarily mean it is and that my follow through is lacking. I am a fun loving person and get excited about several different things at once. Yvonne helped me to gain focus and helped me see that I am worth more than I have been charging in my business. She also helped me to see that I need to work smarter and not harder– Harley, KY

When I started working with Yvonne I was feeling very overwhelmed. After several conversations and clarifying what my goals were she was able to help me break down the big picture into steps that I could handle. I am grateful for her guidance.- Norma, IA

When I started working with Yvonne I didn’t think I really had any problems but after talking to her she pointed out that I didn’t seem very happy with what I was doing in trying to get my online business started. She listened to what I was trying to do and gave me some things to work on between each session. She pointed out things that I was doing wrong and gave me suggestions of some things I could do a little different. In the end I was headed in a new direction that was more the path I should have been on in the first place. It made a world of difference in building a business as now I’m starting to see progress in what I’m doing. I can’t thank her enough for pointing me in the right direction. – Jerry, NE