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what is ugly?

Ugly is attractive. Ugly is exciting. The investigation of ugliness is, to me, more interesting than the bourgeois idea of beauty. And why? Because ugly is human. MIUCCIA PRADA, FASHION DESIGNER, IN THE NEW YORK TIMES

I gave up on being nice. I started putting more value on other qualities: passion, bravery, intelligence, practicality, humor, patience, fairness, sensitivity. Those last three might seem like they are covered by "nice," but make no mistake, they are not. ANNA KENDRICK, ACTRESS, IN HER BOOK, SCRAPPY LITTLE NOBODY


Accessibility Updates for Fire TV and Amazon Video Customers

Just wanted to pass this article along since I thought it was useful.


Accessibility Updates for Fire TV and Amazon Video Customers

January 30, 2017

Thousands of Amazon customers are now using VoiceView on Fire tablets and VoiceView on Fire TV. As we kick off a new year, I’m excited to highlight new accessibility features for Fire TV, supporting our blind and low vision customers. These features are being delivered over the coming months to all existing Fire TV customers as a free, over-the-air update, starting with the latest generation Fire TV and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote. This update brings many VoiceView features from our Fire tablets to Amazon Fire TV, as well as several new capabilities:


Art World Accessibility

Here’s something that’s pretty cool.

The art world isn’t always accessible to blind people. These innovative
solutions help.

Article Link:

Art is a universal medium of expression, bridging gaps across language,
time and culture.

But galleries and museums aren’t always accessible to everyone, often
excluding blind people and those with low vision from truly experiencing
the art
world. With about 285 million blind or visually impaired people in the
world, that’s a sizable part of the global population being left out.


Braille tablet featured at CES 2017

Here’s something I received in my email that I think is pretty cool so I wanted to pass it along.

Taken from:


Accessibility products don’t often get allot of attention at mainstream events like the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But Blitab Technology is grabbing a great deal of attention with their Blitab Tablet

which is a cool product to look at even if you don’t have a visual impairment.

From the developer.


Accessibility Requirements for Television and Set-Top Box Controls, Menus, and Program Guides] 1 Attachment

Here is some very important information for people that have visual disabilities. I just called Direct TV and they had no idea what I was talking about. I ended up getting cut off (I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it was an accident). I will however be looking into finding out what I can do to get Direct TV to be more accessible.

I just want everyone to be aware that this is here to help us enjoy our TV’s.


Uber Launches New Accessibility Site

Wanted to share this important message from Uber about accessibility.

Please read the following message from Uber:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we recently launched a new accessibility site, https://accessibility.uber.com/, with the goal of demonstrating our dedication to people with disabilities and providing a central place for finding out information about opportunities for people with disabilities as both riders and drivers, as well as our policies and requirements of drivers – importantly, explicitly stated and available to the whole world.


New Category On Apple’s Online Store Targets Individuals With Impairments] 1 Attachment

Yea let’s hear it for Apple! I received this email and wanted to share, please share it with your friends far and wide.

New Category On Apple’s Online Store Targets Individuals With Impairments
Article Link:
People with disabilities can now find special equipment to suit their
needs under the newly launched "Accessibility" section in Apple’s online

Products found under this new category include accessories for Mac, iPad
and iPhone devices specially designed to cater to the needs of people with
vision, physical or learning impairments.


free digital accessibility courses

This is a great opportunity! Please pass it along!


Free Access to Digital Accessibility Courses for People with Disabilities on Deque University

May 19, 2016 – Herndon, VA — In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2016, Deque Systems will now be offering their entire curriculum of Deque University online courses in web and digital accessibility to people with disabilities for free.