stress and meditation

I’m not sure about you but when I am stressed I can get a lot done. It is almost like I have a fire lit under me. Now, please remember that this is not a good state to be in so try not to be stressed often. Even though I know it comes with the whole disability thing. But there is that saying about idle hands, okay so I’m not sure of the whole saying, but…

After you get done with what you need to get done under stress. Try to meditate, so you don’t get so stressed in the first place. Earlier in the week I mentioned that I have started to meditate again and it is helping me feel better. I would really like to get back to meditating twice a day like I was doing a couple of years ago, then I was almost always in a good mood and had lots of energy. I am working my way back to that. Let me know if you are meditating and how if you are just starting how is it making you feel?


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