S – Stands for Share your feelings, Success and Strength!

Normally I only have one word per letter, but since I only have one S, I could not decide between: sharing your feelings, success and strength. I think all three are equally as important so I will touch on all three in this article.

Sharing your feelings is very important since when you first become disabled people may not know how to act around you. They may be overly helpful or may even treat you as a child and think you are not able to do anything. It is up to you to be able to share your feelings on how you want to be treated. Also do not be afraid to speak up before an uncomfortable situation arises. This is probably the best scenario, with you taking the lead. When I first lost most of my sight I was at a family dinner and my aunt was leaving and I said something like it was good seeing you. Well, this pretty much stopped her in her tracks and she asked me if I knew what I said, by saying “seeing you” and then I asked what was I suppose to say? Just because you may now be disabled does not mean your language needs to change and you may want to share your feelings about that with your friends and family so they know they do not have to be careful of how they speak.

Next comes success. Trust me when I tell you that disabled people can be very successful, that is why I included the two quotes above. Success is more a state of mind and what you do rather than how you do it. Think of it this way, Stevie Wonder has had great success in music, but Steve Jobs never made a record (that I know of). I hope you can understand that example, both men have had tremendous success and one was blind and one was not. There are people in the world that success means getting out of bed in the morning. I want you to remember that just because you may now be disabled does not mean you cannot have success.

Last but certainly not least is strength. People that become disabled, at least in my opinion, have incredible strength. It takes strength to keep going and to strive for your dreams. So when you are feeling down remember how much strength you have inside. To get from where you were to get to where you are now took strength and I know from personal experience that at times you will question that strength. Somehow, when you really need it, there it is again to help you get over that next hurdle. When you get over that hurdle remember to pat yourself on the back, because you need that every once in awhile.

As long as you have the three S’s, sharing your feelings, success and strength, you will be able to conquer just about anything you set your mind to. Remember you are the same person you were before you became disabled, maybe even better!
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