robocall blocker

I just tried to sign up for this but could not because Verizon land lines are not supported yet. So if anyone tries this let me know how you make out please.


This report is from Consumer Reports. If you have a land line, the service is free. Charges apply for smart phones. To learn more and sign up, visit

Nomorobo: Free.

Nomorobo intercepts all calls after the first ring, compares the number to its vast list of robocall originators, and decides whether to let the call go through. Recipients hear the first ring; if the call is legitimate, the phone rings normally. “Only blocked one call that I wanted,” raved one tester. Once he added the number to the wanted-call list, “they got through the next time. I seriously could not be happier.” Among 40 testers, 25 gave Nomorobo top marks on a scale of 1 to 5, and nine rated it 4.5 or 4.`


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