Respect the Day

As we get ready to swear in Donald Trump as our next President we need to honor what Martin Luther King Jr. strived for. Currently I have the news on and they are talking about many people not attending the swearing in, but what does that really do? If we are “going to make America great again” then we all need to work at it and it needs to be more than just a sound bite?

As a person with a disability I am concerned about what is going to happen over the next four years, but Trump is our President and I as an American need to respect that. I think what needs to happen is people with disabilities need to get together so we have a stronger voice and then we might be heard. But please respect the day today and the day on Friday. Remember that we are all different for a reason and life and the world would be very boring if we all thought alike. Please people respect the process. And as I was told when I was a child act your age not your shoe size.


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