Remembering Names?

When I am working on the computer I generally have the TV on. I just heard the people on TV talking about how to remember names. This peaked my interest since I am not very good at remembering names. I was good at remembering faces, but I cannot do that now that I am legally blind. So what’s a girl to do? There are so many different theories

on how best to remember names.

Some of the theories

that I can remember are:

Say the person’s name in conversation. This makes a lot of sense to me because you are reinforcing the name in your memory. My problem with is half the time I forget to do this or I forget the person’s name by the time I get to talk.

Associate the name with something. I guess I can understand this one a little bit. But really how are you going to associate Yvonne? My name does not rhyme with anything. Maybe it is more like you knew someone named Yvonne in sixth grade or you went to camp with an Yvonne. I do not use this one because I just do not get the whole association thing. I would be afraid I would say the wrong thing or start laughing if my association was something funny.

The one I just heard was to act like your dog. They said to get all five senses going, yes including your sense of smell. I am not sure how you are supposed to smell the other person and frankly I am not sure I want to know. Yes, you guessed it I will not be doing this theory

. I just do not feel comfortable smelling people just to be friends or to do business.

How do you remember names? I think there are as many different ways as there are names. Since I have such a difficult time I would love to her your comments. Keep reaching for the stars!


3 thoughts on “Remembering Names?”

  1. You made me laugh at about smelling someone.. LOL. I am one to associate the name with something and it does not have to make sense either. And, whatever is the first thing that pops into my head is what I use. Sometimes it will rhyme and sometimes it will make no sense. My telephone number in Canada from over 10 years ago I still know because I associated the number to tree monkey; when i see the work tree monkeys I see 63 and this makes me remember my number (to this day!) I met a guy name Reece so I associated him to Reese Weatherspoon. So Yvonne I thought right away “a song” and, now I will not forget your name!

    1. That’s great, people that know me think of me when they see giraffes. But when I remember names it is through association too and it probably will not make sense.

      1. oops, I almost forgot my comments about the smelling. Can you just picture people going up to each other and asking to take a sniff? When I heard that study it made me chuckle, that’s why I had to write the article. You just never know where inspiration will come from 🙂

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