It is so important to find a way to accept yourself and I’m sure you have heard this before. I know I have written about it many times and I know how difficult it is to accept one’s self. I struggle with acceptance all the time and I think most people do at least to some extent. However when you become disabled acceptance can be harder to find. This is why today’s quote is so important. There will be times when it feels like everything is going wrong or badly but make that conscious choice to be positive and see what happens. I will tell you from experience that your day will start to turn around. Now I’m not saying it will do a 180, but you will start to notice more positive things happening. When you are feeling down start thinking positive and start listing all the good things in your life. Please do not tell me you don’t have any because you do. If you are breathing and reading this then you have at least 3 things.

Be yourself love yourself; be positive, if you allow your inner child or freak to come out and play then you will be more happy and positive.

Here’s an idea for those of you with disabilities that require aids. Decorate them! If you are blind decorate your white cane with a key chain or ribbons on the handle to really make it yours. Then when you are using it you will feel more empowered because you are owning your disability. If you are in a wheelchair you might be able to put ribbons or something of your favorite sports team on the back. If you have an artificial limb I’m not sure if you can decorate them or not with stickers or paint.

Let your personality shine and love yourself while you’re doing it!


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