new paths

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look

so long at the closed door that we do not see the

one that has been opened for us."

~Helen Keller

"It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either."

-Wayne Dyer

If you want to be happy you need to remember not to stare at the closed door and be upset that it is close. Instead look at it as an unexpected opportunity and see where the new path leads. Remember that you can’t be angry and happy at the same time. My advice has always been if you have the choice between laughing and crying take the laughter. Take a deep breath and then go for the adventure of the new path.

Do you have a time when you had to go down a new path? Tell me in the comments

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