New Orleans Radio Reading Service Launches Web Site with Streaming

Thought this may be of interest to some, I received this from one of the email lists that I am on. Enjoy! J

While this station is not based in Pennsylvania, it may be of interest
as it now offers live streaming. I admit that I’m surprised if this is
the station’s first launch of a Web site but, as they say, better late
than never. From the May Braille Forum ..

WRBH Launches Web Site
WRBH 88.3 in New Orleans is the only full-time reading service on the FM
dial in the U.S. and 1 of just 3 in the world, and now, it has its own
information-packed web site! What’s the URL? It’s, and it
makes information more accessible for the visually impaired and streams
live broadcasts worldwide. The station’s more than 200 volunteers make
24 hours of programming, 365 days a year possible.

WRBH’s programming includes: “The Wall Street Journal,” “Newsweek,”
“Time,” “The Onion,” weekly and monthly magazines, area publications,
listings of local events, short stories, and both fiction and
non-fiction books, including current bestsellers like “Flash Boys: A
Wall Street Revolt” by Michael Lewis and “All the Light We Cannot See”
by Anthony Doerr.

For the full broadcast schedule and information, visit the programming
or news and event sections of


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