I think this morning’s quotes are great for people that are newly disabled. It reminds us that we need to take care of ourselves and that it is okay to rest. If you are feeling tired take a break, yes you need to push yourself a little bit to get stronger, but you also need to know when to rest. I keep hearing about napping and how some companies are allowing people to nap at work. I think they do that at the Huffington Post! I take a nap almost every afternoon right now. I know I tell you that just because you are disabled you are the same person you have always been and that is true, but you body is not the same so you may physically need different things at different times. Also if you are having a bad day please do not make any big decisions as the second quote says. Wait until you are feeling better so you can have a renewed look at the situation. With the beautiful weather that spring brings with it and all the wonderful fresh air try to get outside you will feel so renewed and uplifted when afterwards.


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