My dead wireless mouse frustrations

By Yvonne Garris

June 20, 2015

I should probably start out by reminding everyone that I do have some sight. So while I do primarily use a screen reader, I always have my magnification on. Frankly I think it is partly a security blanket kind of think since I was once sight, and frankly Jaws does not read everything on the screen.

So, when I type I see the screen move, but this week was different. Now the panic starts to set in. Was something wrong with my computer? Do I have a virus? Naturally I did what anyone would probably do, I did a disk scan and a disk clean up, and I knew that my computer automatically did a defrag every Sunday, that’s the only reason I did not do that too. I did a restart thinking my problems would be solved. Well, if you guess they were not, you guess right.

It was the most curious thing. My computer seemed to working correctly, but, my screen was frozen. When I got my new computer I got a wireless mouse for the first time. So something clicked in my head. I think I remember my aunt telling me something when her mouse batteries died. Now the odyssey of trying to change the batteries started.

The first think I did with my wireless mouse was to turn it over. I felt all around for a way to take out the batteries – nothing! I tried to slide the top and bottom apart still nothing. This mouse is not made for a blind or disabled person that’s for sure! I tried to get a friend to look at it and they could figure it out. But when we were playing with it the screen worked! So, for a day when the screen would freeze I would pound on the mouse.

Then nothing. Ugh! Now what? I called Staples. This is where being creative and being able to ask for help is important with being disabled. When I spoke to Andrew at Staples I explained to him that I was low vision so I could not see the mouse. I wonder what he thought? Andrew was so nice he asked if I knew what kind of mouse and I said I think it’s a Dell. Andrew told me to lift up the part of the mouse where you click, it is just held on with magnets. I was so happy when that worked. I hung up not knowing my next obstacle. So after you get the top off, the batteries are held in place by a plastic piece that you need to push toward the exposed part of the batteries to get it to come up. It took me about fifteen minutes to figure that one out.

Success, I got the batteries changed! Do you think the mouse worked? No! You guessed it I called Staples back and just hoped that Andrew answered so I would not have to explain my situation to someone else. Andrew told me to check on the bottom of the mouse for a switch. Yes, I found a very small on/off switch and when I moved it I had a mouse again, finally! I thanked Andrew again and after I hung up did a little happy dance.

I wanted to share my adventures in wireless mouse land for two reasons. First, to let anyone with a wireless Dell mouse know how to change the batteries. Second to show how you need to keep trying and not be afraid to ask. Being disabled does not mean that you are not able to do things on your own. It may have taken me a little longer, but I got there. I was so proud of myself when I got my mouse to work! Just keep trying and you can bring that mouse back to life!

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