Memorial Day Means…

Memorial Day Means…
Memorial Day has been observed in some way since the Civil War where women placed flowers on the graves of soldiers, as we still do. Surprisingly enough it wasn’t until 1967 that it officially became Memorial Day and was to be celebrated on the fourth Monday of May, and also according to Wikipedia, It wasn’t until 1971 that the law took effect on the federal level.

Some thoughts about Memorial Day. This year is extra special for me since my nephew just enlisted in the Air Force. I am also thinking of both my stepfather and my biological father who both served in the Korean war, I pray they did not serve in vain. I hope while we all are having fun and enjoying the long weekend we take a little time to remember all those that gave their lives so we can have the parties. I hope you enjoy the following article, please let me know your thoughts.

flag with lady liberty symbols of freedom as we celebrate Memorial Day
M-Memory – As we celebrate the start of summer let us remember the real reason for this day. There are so many families that do not have their loved ones because they decided to serve their country to keep us safe and help make the world a better place.

E-experiences of those who served– may we never take them for granted – With all the soldiers coming back from overseas please show them love and empathy. There are so many coming back with PTSD, just ask if there is anything you can do for them and make sure you follow through.
M- military – We have the best military in the world so let us be thankful for all the sacrifices they have to give to keep us safe. They are ready to lay their life down for you and for me, that is an amazing thing when you think about it.
O-Obstacles overcome to keep our freedom– Imagine all the obstacles the North and the South had to overcome during the Civil War. They had almost nothing and yet all the men went off to war to defend their beliefs. Can you imagine your 16 or 17 year old son going off to war? That just boggles my mind that they had so much conviction at such a young age.
R-remembering all that gave their lives for us– As I write this I am over come with thinking about all that have given the biggest gift or sacrifice of their life. However, as we remember everyone that has died while serving, I think we need to remember their families as well because they gave us a gift as well. Please take time to remember the families in your prayers.

I-integrity – If you serve in our military you are full of integrity and that is another reason our military is the best in the world. Integrity goes such a long way and at least in my opinion is a big reason why our soldiers sign up in the first place.

A-allegiance that we pledge to our flag – One Nation Under God – The next time you are asked to pledge allegiance to our flag think about what you are saying and what it means. We are one nation. It does not say we are different colors or different religions it says one nation. I hate watching the news because we are not suppose to be fighting each other. Your neighbor is not your enemy

L-loyalty – Be loyal to your country not to a gang or whatever is hot at the moment. Our military is loyal. This is a good quality to have and think back to what I was saying about the Civil War, how many soldiers were loyal even though they knew they were going to die.

D-Determination -what this country is built on – Starting with how our country was even founded the American person has had to be determined. Let us remember how many had to die just for us to be sitting here writing this article. Again let’s stop fighting each other and start loving each other.
A-Amazing – I think our country is amazing we have a military that is full of volunteers that keeps us safe. Just think all of the men and women do not have to be out there fighting for us. They could just as easily be at home all nice and comfortable with their families. But no, they have decided to protect us and I think that is pretty amazing!
Y-Yankee Doodle – What better phrase to end this article with than a very patriotic song. So here’s the link that you can go enjoy it on YouTube
Now it’s your turn, what words would you use to represent Memorial Day?


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