What makes you happy? What fills your heart with love and joy?

Are you creative?

My dog fills my heart with love and joy. The best thing is when we first go to bed and she lies next to me to get petted and she rubs her head into my hand. I just feel her love so much then. Swimming also makes me happy because I love the water. Someday I want a house with an indoor pool and close to some kind of water, but also close to the mountains. I know I don’t ask for much, but that is my dream

What is your dream?

I love to be creative and that is why I love Pic Monkey. I can use it even with my limited sight. I also love making things for you my readers and clients. When a person reaches their goal it makes me almost as happy as they are. Newly disabled people generally have a bumpy road and that is why I am here to help you avoid some of the potholes and soar above the bumps!


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