Living Consciously

This is an email I get everyday and I really liked today’s message so I wanted to share it with everyone. I hope you enjoy it and get as much out of it as I did.


Living Consciously December 1, 2015

Dear friends,

When is it that you feel truly loved? Isn’t it when you are truly loving? When we allow love to well up in us, we may think it is because of the other person whom we find so endearing, but no, it is that we have given ourselves permission to know intimately that part of us we keep so protected. We wait for someone to trigger it for us but it is always ready to flood our senses with its power and presence.

We do not have to be in any kind of human relationship to be “in love.” To be actively living in the field of love is to be joyfully alive. It is to be in awe of the beauty all around us. It is to be grateful for everything. It is to be vital and willing to experience life in its fullness. It is to celebrate the diversity of forms in this world. It is enjoy the small moments and fully engage in the big ones. It is to give of our talents, time and treasure with gladness. It is to be and not seem, as Emerson advised.

To be “in love” is a child-like state, but is not devoid of discernment. We understand that the love we feel comes from within and that it is in everyone. We cannot give it to anyone, we can only display it. Wisdom is natural in this state of consciousness. We do not become fools when we are “in love.” That is a reference to being in the throes of infatuation and romance. Love is a greater power than either of those. Love is our most natural state, where we feel the most authentic. It is a kind of mystical experience, in that we feel one with life, rather than an observer of it passing by.

The great human error in thinking is that love comes to us, when it only comes through us. We wait for someone to push the button but we can do that for ourselves.

Try this today: “I am madly in love with my Self, my life and all beings. I give Love permission to have its way with me.”

Stay tuned in,

Dr. Carol Carnes and


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