Living Consciously

Something to think about as the new year begins.

Living Consciously January 1, 2016

Dear friends,

Here we are in a “new” year. It is either a continuum of the past (and some things ought to be) or it really is new. That depends on us. Are we willing to be new, ourselves? Can we let go of our hard and fast opinions and be open to some new ideas? Here are some questions that might help us assess our availability to change.

  1. What do you find yourself constantly defending?

  2. Are your day dreams the same ones you had ten years ago?

  3. How do you assess your future possibilities? From statistics?

  4. What is your level of enthusiasm for your life?

It is easy to get in a kind of maelstrom of thoughts. Around and around we go coming back to the same ones again and again. We might as well call it what it is; a thought prison. We are locked in its narrow confines until we open the door of our perception and let in some light. Light, of course, is always a metaphor for life energy, insights, shifts and breakthroughs. Now is the time to sit with ourselves and to call up “the rest of us, the best of us, the not yet expressed of us.”

There is more to us than we have ever allowed ourselves to know. More love, more wisdom, more power, more creativity, more joy, more of everything we have denied ourselves by our insistence on maintaining our prison. Give this some objective thought today. Realize you are entirely safe, the universe is your home, this planet is your temporary residence and the past is a dead issue. Give it a quick burial and accept the beauty of now.

Stay tuned in,

Dr.Carol Carnes and


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