Living Consciously

I receive these emails daily, but wanted to share this one with all of you. Play the game she describes and see what happens.


Living Consciously December 30, 2015

Dear friends,

As Marcus Aurelius observed “ everything is born of change.” Nothing new can happen without the old falling away or being absorbed as wisdom and/or unnecessary. We resist change when we are in doubt about our own eternality. We want to keep things the same to make ourselves feel more permanent. Until we come to peace about transition from one form to another, we cannot really be alive. The First Nations people knew this well. “A good day to die” was their guiding principle.

Relationships “die” and are reborn on a higher level if the participants are conscious of their own capacity for positive change. Businesses peak and must retool, redesign, rethink their way of being in the world if they want to continue successfully. Sometimes the change makes us realize that the old way had some value but simply needed some new energy and enthusiasm. Even governments have to adjust to the changing needs of the people and the shift in the collective consciousness.

Anytime we can describe our current situation as “stuck” we know change is calling to us. Try some new ideas out on yourself. Play the “what if?” game. What if I did not have this problem, what would I be thinking? Then think it! What if my health were perfect, what would I be doing? Then do some version of it! What if I were more prosperous, what would I do with money? Then give it! Change comes when we initiate it, play with it, practice it, be at peace with it and let it take us forward. If we deny what wants to happen by the natural flow of consciousness from lower to higher, we will feel as if we were trapped in current circumstances. We never are. We can change our intention and the forces of nature will move perceived obstacles out of the way. Everything must change if we are in accord with Life.

Stay tuned in,

Dr. Carol Carnes and


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