life is a song

Today’s first quote reminds me of the song "Life is but a dream" did that happen to you too?

I have songs running through my head all the time and think that music is very important. It can be the great equalizer, because music doesn’t care if you are disabled or not. I know I talk about meditating a lot, and I need to be honest with you, because I always am, I fell off the meditation wagon. I stopped meditating. I plan to start again tomorrow because it makes me feel better.. There are meditations you can do while walking or listening to music, the key is to be mindful while you are doing the activity.

Here is what I would like you to do:

Take time stop everything you are doing and listen to your favorite song. I would say either sit or lay down when you do this. Listen to every word. Is it saying what you think it said? After the song is it still your favorite? How did it make you feel?

Then the next time you are in a challenging situation you can go back to that quiet place and it will help you process the challenge better and faster.


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