let’s Talk Low Vision 2015 schedule

Most of you are aware that each month Dr. Bill Takeshita of the Council of
Citizens with Low Vision presents a free telephone lecture that discusses
very important aspects of low vision. Each lecture is held on the third
Tuesday of the month at 8:30 Eastern time. To participate in the
conversation call (712) 432-6100 and enter the pass code # 256613.


February 17: Dating with Low Vision
March 17: Navigating the Low Vision Examination
April 21: Money and Banking
May 19: Orientation and Mobility for Individuals with Low Vision
June 16: Transportation Tips
July 21: Cooking with Low Vision
August 18: Grooming
September 15: Tips to Reduce Glare
October 20: Driving with Low Vision
November 17: Great Gift Items for the Holidays
December 15: Lighting Tips

If you can please take advantage of these learning opportunities for persons
with low vision.
That would be great!


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