Let it Snow!

I wish I could take a picture and/or really see what it looks like outside. I know I can barely get the doors open to my house and they are both protected with some kind of roof. Turns out my new dog Lilly loves the snow! My roommate let her out this morning and he told me she ran out buried her head in the snow and then rolled around in it. When she heard him go downstairs a little while later she took off after him so she could go out. He said she was so excited she hit her head on the door. I just let her out again. Not sure if she rolled around since her back is not really wet, but she was sure excitable when she came in! I am so glad I adopted her.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this storm and record breaking snow fall! And if you are really lucky you will be snowed in with someone you love. I am just so happy my internet and power are both on, keeping my fingers crossed that they both stay on! So if you are on the east please share your stories of the storm, I would love to hear what others are getting. I think we have close to 2 feet of snow here in Lancaster. So happy I have a roommate to shovel.


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