Lesson 2: Mobility

You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.
–Mike Litman

Lesson 2: Mobility
Welcome to lesson 2! In this lesson we are going to talk about mobility and how important it is to your independence. Whether you are now blind or are in a wheelchair having good mobility skills is a must! This will help you maintain much more of your independence. Get as much training as you need to travel safely. Please make sure you use the aids you need to get around safely! I know many people that are losing their sight do not want to use a white cane, because of the stigma attached. But please use your cane for your safety!! Remember you being safe is more important than how you look with a white cane or a wheelchair! I do not mean to be redundant, but safety is a very important point that you need to be aware of and take seriously. Also people that are new to wheelchairs, know where the locate bathrooms. Remember it will now take you longer to get to the bathroom so plan ahead.
“Success is not to be measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he has overcome while trying to succeed.”
Booker T. Washington
The above quote is very appropriate for this lesson. You will no doubt encounter many obstacles when learning your new mobility skills. Despite the challenges you will face keep persisting and you will find the more you work at it the easier it will get.

Now how about we look at your mobility skills and be honest when answering the following questions.
1. Do you know how to use your mobility device correctly?
2. Have you had instruction on how to use your mobility device?
3. Do you use it the way you were instructed?
4. If you answered no to the above question why not?
5. Are you embarrassed to use your mobility device?
6. Have you injured yourself by not using your mobility device?
7. What kind of stigmas do you believe are attached to the mobility device you use?
8. Do any of the stigmas apply to you?
9. Do you only carry your cane folded up? If so why?
10. Can you cross a street safely?
11. Can you travel independently?
12. How many of the stigmas that you listed are true about you?
13. Do you think it is important to travel independently?

Now that we took a look at your beliefs around mobility, have any of your opinions changed?

Are you seeing any kind of a pattern?

Start to use your mobility device correctly and see if you feel any differently. Are you starting to feel more confident?

“I think mobility is very important, not only to discover opportunities elsewhere but at times, also to appreciate better what your home town has. Allahabad, for instance, has the feel of a small, tightly-knit community where everyone participates.”
Vikas Swarup

Once you have your mobility skills down the sky will be the limit. You will be able to travel if you want by yourself and be independent. Here is a little personal story. When I moved into Lancaster, I never knew how to take the bus. So, I had to learn how to take the bus to get to school, since I was in college at the time. Well, I had my lessons and I was still a little afraid, but then someone gave me a bed. All of a sudden I wanted to go to KMart, so I checked the bus schedule and got on the bus and went. I had purpose and since I had the training I knew I could travel safely. After I got home, I remembered that I should have been a little afraid, but then it was too late. Once you have the skills, you can be so much more independent, so practice and get the training you need.

So here is one more quote to keep in mind:
“I was born with a fierce need for independence.”
– Michelle Williams

So what will you do once you get your mobility skills perfected? Post your answer on our private Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/10lessonempowerment/
. Our next lesson will take a look at patience and give you a quiz on how patient you are. See you then!

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Lesson 2: Mobility

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