Last night

Last night was fun!

We went swimming and I had so much fun! My sister was talking about how I used to dunk her so of course I had to show her a couple of times and it was not only fun it was funny. We both had a good laugh. Then she made us a wonderful dinner of beef burgundy, I never had it before and thought it was delicious! Then the best part of the night, I got presents! I got some bubble bath, lotion and a couple of other things including a bunch of flowers. But the highlight was a cute fox with sunglasses that stands about 18" high. When you press a button his butt moves up and down and he sings "I’m a fireball baby" it is so funny!!

This was all done to help cheer me up after losing my beloved dog Cookie.

So if you know someone that is going through a difficult time do something nice for them today!


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