stands for “Sharing information on Disability Issues.” It offers disability awareness programs and activities to people of all ages and backgrounds. The message is one of inclusion; in order for our society to be strong we must include people with disabilities in the community and the workplace.
Hello, My name is Susan Schaffer; I started Infobility because, I’ve had arthrogryposis since birth. This disability limited the movement of my legs and arms.

The most important thing I have found with people with disabilities, is the attitude of the person. If it is positive & open interaction increases and a willingness to understand that though there may be differences, similarities are greater. I’ve worked (in) formally for vocational rehabilitation agencies and myself. I began Infobility 30 years ago, for the community and individuals of all ages, incomes, races, and religions to encourage inclusion of pwd’s (People with Disabilities).
Let me tell you a little about myself before we go any further, I have a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling. I have also created and implemented vocational work for over 30 years. “The more we understand differences the more we realize that similarities are greater.”
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woman in wheelchair with laptop and boss standing behind

The Tenacity of Hope

This is a manuscript that may be used for people who have sudden disabilities. It explores life in 6 areas and helps individuals assess what type of help they may need socially, physically, psychologically, vocationally, educationally, and in the community.

Vocational Venues- There are only 17.5% of people with disabilities who are employed. This program offers employers information about tax incentives for hiring qualified workers, dispels employment myths, explains reasonable accommodations and more.

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