Help for the what is that problem!

Thanks to Cheryl Spencer over at The Blind Perspective, a newsletter I subscribe to, this sounds great!

What is this? Hmm… Where is a pair of eyeballs when you need them? All alone and no eyes in sight or with sight. What ever can we do in a situation like this?
Well thanks to modern technology, there are choices. And, happily a few choices come to mind.
Here are a few of them. If you desire live feedback, Facetime can work for those of you who have the beloved iPhone. There are also apps that can possibly help to assist you. One such app is Be My eyes, where you can connect to a live person for assistance using your iPhone’s camera. Then the person is able to peek through and tell you what they see. I have heard the wait time can be significant at times.
There are even more options available, believe it or not. There is a very handy and free app that is Called CamFind. With this app, you simply take a picture of any object and CamFind will tell you what it is. If this app doesn’t provide you the info you are hankering to hear, well, there is a new app just launched last month.
Fresh from the Apple App store, and it is gloriously free! It is called DeSpecular. It works similar to that of Tap Tap See, but with a very nice twist. Here is how it works. Once you have downloaded the app and registered, whenever you need a sighted boost, take a picture of the mystery object. Once the picture uploads to a sightling, you are given an option to either type a text message or record a message that lets them know what information you are requesting. Your requests is sent to multiple volunteers at once. You will be notified how many volunteers are currently responding to your request.
Once you listen, or read the first response, the app asks you if more responses are needed. The responses are either by audio or test. Once you hear them or read the text, you can then rate the person on how helpful they were to you; 1 is very poor to 5 which is excellent.
You can also take as many pictures of the item as necessary in order to get the feedback you are desiring. I have used this app a couple of times and have been most pleased with the result.
So, what do you say, let’s all get bespecular!

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