Have You Done This Lately?

Today I started thinking how important it is to back-up information on the computer. I was reminded of this because several weeks ago my Outlook crashed and I lost all my saved emails and contacts. Now this was really bad and I called Microsoft’s disability help desk. If you don’t have their number it is 800-936-5900 and they are trained to help people using access technology. I have very good luck in general when I have called for them to help me fix whatever problem I was having, but not this time. Microsoft even did a tandem with me (they usually do) and I am pretty sure they uninstalled then reinstalled Outlook. Even before I tried to call them I tried to do a system restore, but for some reason my computer said there were no back up points.

Yes, I know this sounds very bad and trust me I was stressing out big time. But I learned a very valuable lesson, back everything up! Here 3 ideas on backing up your contacts:

  1. Print them out – now there are 2 draw backs with this. The first being it might take up a lot of paper and space. Second you might not be able to read it after you print it out.
  2. Back them up to the cloud – If you use something like Gmail your contacts are in the cloud so they are always there, and you should be pretty safe.
  3. Make an Excel file – this is what I am doing. Okay, so my sister, Heidi, is helping me since it would take me forever to type in all the business cards I have saved. With an Excel file you can back up your contact onto a jump drive or onto an external hard drive.

I would also recommend you back up your entire computer, or at least the files you want to keep. Here are my suggestions for your computer:

1. Make sure your computer is doing a regular back-up. Go to the control panel to look for this. I’m not going to try to give you directions since I am not that good with computers and I have Windows 7, so I will not be able to help anyone else.

2. Get an external hard drive and back your computer up to it – You can copy and paste the folders right into it. I did see one on Amazon that said it has automatic back-up so that might be an option (I think I am going to check into this). I would also recommend that your external hard drive be a little bigger than your computer so you don’t run out of room.

3. Find a cloud service – I know that Kim Kamando recommends Carbonite, but I’m not sure if it is accessible or how much it costs. I think I have heard that Windows 10 might have something built into it. But make sure you know how much room they give you and how much room you need! Like tip 2 try to allow yourself some breathing room with the size.

I hope these quick tips have helped you and please take them to heart. When you are disabled it becomes more difficult to be able to recover your lost information easily and quickly. I will be recovering for weeks and there some addresses and/or phone numbers that I lost that I won’t be able to get back. I am starting to think maybe I should try to get used to online email so my saved emails do not get lost again. Unfortunately, I really like Outlook because it is so convent because I get all my email in one place and I do not have to go to different sites for different accounts. These are something that I am considering and you may want to consider as well. Just to remember to save and back-up and you will be like a girl scout always prepared.


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