Grief Coaching

I have added coaching people through the grief of losing a parent since I have been there and I know that can be very difficult.yvonne-small> BeforePlease let me tell you some of my experience with grief.

I am just going to tell you the most significant loss in my life which was my mother, which happened only 2 years after I lost most of my sight. When I lost my sight my mom became my everything. She drove for me, for awhile she cooked for me; she was my account, most of all she was my rock and my mom. I really am not sure if I would have done as much as I have if it not been for her strength. Gladys (mom)-smiling

I lost most of my sight in 2004 and then went to rehab, and that is when I decided to go to college. I started college fall of 2005. We found out in January 2006, that my mom had cancer and that it had spread. Within 6 weeks of hearing that devastating news, she passed.

That was only my second semester of college! But I promised my mom I would stay in school and do well and I made the dean’s list that semester and every other semester.

With losing my mom so close to losing my sight it was almost like going blind all over again. So I was dealing with different kinds of grief at the same time. That is the main reason I wanted to add grief coaching.
The most important thing you will find is someone that has your back and that has been in your shoes.

Here’s a little what you can expect when we work together:

    Help for being able to breathe again.

    Knowing you are not going crazy

    Ways to process your emotions in a productive way.

    Exercises to help you work through your loss.

If you are ready to start living again and honoring your loved one by being happy then sign up for my newsletter at the side of this page, and if you are ready to get started then set up a time to talk by going to my calendar and picking a time that works best for you!

I want to say that I am sorry for your loss; I can empathize with you since I have been there. I look forward to helping you get your pain to subside at least a little bit.

Take care,