Getting back in the saddle

Hi everyone,

I’m back! I’m sure you noticed that I was not around at all last week and it has been a little spermatic the week or so before that. I think I have gotten everything back up and running (knock on wood). Over the last couple of weeks, my internet went down for 8 days, which left me playing catch up. During that time I was scheduled with my computer person to upgrade me to Windows 10 – finally! He gave me a few days to get caught up, a little bit, then tried to upgrade me. Needless to say, Jaws and Magic threw a fit. My computer ended up needing to be wiped clean and we started over. Turns out the people at Freedom Scientific haven’t heard of some of the errors Jaws was giving me. Just my luck. I think we have now gotten all the bugs ironed out, as long as I do not make any updates and keep my fingers crossed at all times. LOL

I just found out a writing challenge that I am going to participate in so over the next 30 days I will try to do my normal quotes in the morning. Then I will write the afternoon post according to whatever the day’s challenge is, I think this will make for a fun and interesting month. I am hoping that the posts I write will ultimately be part of either my book or family journal so they will always be disability related.

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