Getting a Little Overwhelmed

Today is the last day of the blog a day challenge and I did pretty good, I only missed a couple of days. However I have missed the last two days because I have gotten myself a little overwhelmed. I was recently on a free webinar where I was able to ask the host her opinion of my website. She told me that my personality was not coming through. So this prompted me to start redesigning my logo. Yes, I am legally blind and do not see very much, but I love Pic Monkey and Luna Pic (a little bit). Even though it is difficult for me to do it is for some reason a little relaxing and mostly enjoyable. I have a document with color codes, so I generally know the colors. I then send my saved work to my friend for her to tell me what it really looks like. While it can be very frustrating, when she tells me something small is wrong and I have to go back and redo the whole thing because of that one small thing, it is also very rewarding.

When you think about it, most blind people do not do graphics and I get to be creative. While I still miss seeing the color I can imagine the colors and it gives me great joy to be able to create.

The stress comes in with the deadline imposed by the fact my friend has some time to gift me this week to change my theme so I need to have everything ready. The good news is that I have finally finished my logo! I am so happy, now to update the text of my homepage.

Then not that having to update my website is a big enough challenge, I have my first teleseminar on Tuesday. At least it is on patience which I have needed a lot of over this past weekend. This will actually be the second time I am trying this, the first time no one showed up, so I am hoping that someone shows up tomorrow. If you would like to come you are more than welcome to come just go to:

and sign up, you will receive a report 5 Tips for the Newly Disabled to Develop Patience.

I know this post has been very fragmented, but that is how my thinking is at this moment. I am glad I have participated in the challenge. I wish I would have been able to do a better job with commenting, hopefully next year. Commenting is something I need to work on, and if anyone has any ideas on how to make it easier to remember to go to all the groups please let me know. Then again it is just difficult and very time consuming with a screen reader, so again, something I need to find a solution for. Thank you Karen and Juan for commenting on my blog I really appreciate it!

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4 thoughts on “Getting a Little Overwhelmed”

    1. Thanks, did you see my new logo? I think it turned out great! Oh only 2 people on my teleseminar but at least I got the first one undermy belt and it went pretty good!

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