Frustration Frustration Frustration

Today was the day I was finally going to get upgraded to Windows 10, after many false starts and disappointments. So last night I started cleaned up my computer and backed up my files in preparation for the big upgrade. This morning I finished backing up and readied some emails while I waited for my sister to arrive.

She of course over slept, which was a sign of things to come. The plan was to get the computer done by 11 am and then for my sister to go and do my wash. I wanted to get the computer done by 11am because I have at home physical therapy at 11am so I thought that would work out nicely. After my sister arrived, we uninstalled Jaws and Magic, the two programs I use for accessibility. It was then time to upgrade! So my sister hit the start button to start the installation of Windows 10 and we waited. Several minutes later, what happened? You guessed it, an error message. Turns out that my computer or at least my monitor will not support Windows 10. Now I hear you saying that why does a blind woman need a monitor. Well, I am not completely blind and I do use my vision, sometimes more than I should, but I do look at things every day.

About then Ken arrived, thankfully. Turns out he is quite helpful when it comes to computers. He looked up the error message on his computer and told us what to do. Basically the computer rebooted itself back to Windows 7. Now that drama was over, so no Windows 10 for me at least for now. We still had to reinstall Jaws and Magic so my sister went to the website to start the download and then left to do my wash. Turns out something happened to the download and it just sat there clicking. So here I sat for over an hour waiting and waiting for the download to complete or to tell me what to do next and nothing. My sister finally got back and she brought lunch with her, but then had to leave again to pick up her roommate.

My frustration is just building, and building today because I sit here still with nothing on my computer. The ten minutes it should have taken my sister is turning into another hour because she had another accident! She clipped the mirror of a white car with the mirror of her rental car that she is driving because of the accident she had several days ago. She said the white car was parked far from the curb and should not have been because of the snow. Now she is waiting for the police. I found a disk and tried to install Jaws, but guess what happened. Yes, nothing! Well, there was actually two disks so the first disk did nothing and the second disk got me a box that did nothing!

Frustration, frustration, frustration!

Finally, my sister returned and it turns out I was trying to install Jaws 6 and I should be installing 16! I wonder if that is why the disk did not work? We went through all my computer disks at least that got that shelf cleaned out and we found the Jaws 16 disk. Now I am happy to say that my Jaws and Magic are both reinstalled and working nicely, and I still have Windows 7.

At times it can be so frustrating being blind and needing to rely on others for help. The frustration comes in when I used to be able to do something on my own and now I need help. This is the kind of frustration that people with disabilities deal with on a daily basis. Not only do the disabled have the frustration of having difficulties with performing some tasks, but then there is the frustration of trying to find someone to help with performing the task at hand. Most days my frustration level is mild, and then other days, like today my frustration level is at a very high level.

If you know a person with a disability and you have a little extra time, let them know you may be able to help. People with disabilities do not want your pity or hand outs, but once in awhile we do need help. Trust me I am about the last person who likes asking for help, but I have learned that it is a necessity once in awhile.


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