What Fresh Outlook Stands For

Fresh Outlook Stands For…

By Yvonne Garris BSW

Let me tell you how I came up with Fresh Outlook. As most of you know I lost most of my sight in 2004 and then my mom in 2006, so I had a lot of changes in a relatively short amount of time. When I found out about coaching I thought it was a perfect fit for me since I can relate to people going through similar situations as I did. When you become disabled your whole world gets turned upsidedown and you need a “Fresh Outlook” to get out of the funk many of us fall into and work to make life wonderful and full. Now that you know some of my thoughts on how I came up with the name of my company, please read on to find out what I think the letters may stand for:

Fresh Outlook Stands for…

F– Fear, we all have fear of the unknown

R – Resentment it is normal that you resent this has happened to you

E – Expect more from yourself; don’t fall into the trap of self pity

S – Share your feelings, if people are being overly helpful tell them you can do things yourself

H – Help, we all need it, so don’t be ashamed to ask for it

O – Outlook on life, just because you have been dealt a bad hand doesn’t mean your life is over

U – Unlimited number of possibilities, you can start anew

T – Time for yourself, this is a big transition time so make sure you take time for you

L – Lighten up and remember to laugh, after all laughter is the best medicine, seriously some

    things are funny – admit it. <strong> O</strong> – Obstacles, yes there will be obstacles, but with work they can be overcome. 

O – Optimism, look at the glass half full and concentrate on what you have rather on what you
no longer have.

  • K – Knowledge, knowing yourself is the first step in your new life
    Hand with stars - Keep reaching for the stars
    Hand with stars – Keep reaching for the stars