Fresh Outlook Stands for:

by Yvonne Garris

F – fear, we all have fear of the unknown
R – resenting that this has happened to you
E – expect more from yourself
S – share your feelings, if people are being overly helpful tell them you can do things yourself
H – help, we all need it, so don’t be ashamed to ask for it

O – outlook on life, just because you have been dealt a bad hand doesn’t mean your life is over
U – unlimited number of possibilities, you can start anew
T – time for yourself, this is a big transition time so make sure you take time for you
L – lighten up and remember to laugh, after all laughter is the best medicine, seriously some things are funny – admit it.
O – obstacles, yes there will be obstacles, but with work they can be overcome.
O – Optimism
K – knowledge, knowing yourself is the first step in your new life