follow your bliss

I love Joseph Campbell I find him very inspiring. This is why I thought we would wrap up our week with 2 of his quotes. He is most known for saying "Follow your bliss" which is what we have been talking about all wee. So have you figured out yet what makes you happy? Have you noticed the theme that when you are happy good things start to happen for you? The first quote reminds us that happiness will overcome sadness or anger you just have to find it. I am reminded of the good over evil, good being happiness and evil all the negative emotions. If we think of it this way then we can simply ask if we are in the light or the dark. If we are in the dark find something that is going to make you happy. You are reading this on the computer, so go to You Tube and find some funny videos to watch to help get you out of the funk. Go outside and take a walk if you can the fresh air will do you good and you can get a Fresh Outlook on things.

If you like Joseph Campbell as much as I do I have a journal just for you! It is 31 days of Inspiration and Journaling with Joseph Campbell and each day you have a quote and some writing prompts to help you start to journal for more information go to:


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