Exciting News!!

Sharing what I’ve been doing.

It’s finally here my first journal! Titled:

30 Days of Inspiration and Journaling with Joseph Campbell

It can be found on either CreateSpace or Amazon for only $7.95 and you can just click on this link: https://www.createspace.com/6357176

You may know Joseph Campbell for his theory on the hero’s journey. In this 30 day journal you will receive a quote and writing prompt each day to embark on your own journey of self discovery. This is the first in a series; look for a different author each month to continue Inspiration through Journaling.

If you are visually impaired (like me) and want to use this journal, just purchase it and then send me and email and I will send you an accessible copy if you would like, or need.

Please share this far and wide and thank you so much for your support!



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