Enjoying the Snow

By Yvonne Garris

Now that we are finally getting dug out from the blizzard of 2016 or, as some are calling it, the blizzard of the century, I thought I would reflect a little about my love of the four seasons. This was prompted by a conversation I had yesterday with a Texan friend who has never experienced snow. This friend is completely blind while I am low vision. As we were talking, he said that he could not imagine a creative person only seeing a layer white. I found this interesting since he doesn’t see anything right now although he did have sight when he was young. Now, he sees only in his imagination. He could tell I’m going stir crazy from not getting out the little bit I usually do.

I have always lived in Pennsylvania and love nothing better than the four seasons. Spring is my favorite season because it brings with it all the sense of renewal. Now that I don’t see much, all the clean smells in the air are just wonderful and invigorating. There is something to be said for each of the seasons and in this article I want to talk about winter.

Winter is cold and generally bleak with gray skies and bare trees. When we get lucky, we have snow that brings with it peace and a pristine white blanket covering the fields making everything look so beautiful and clean. While my friend cannot imagine being snowed in or looking out a window and seeing only white, we in the northeast look forward to the sea of white.

The sea of white does not damper creativity, on the contrary, it can enhance it. Snow reflects the night sky so beautifully you can let you imagination run away with you. Children love the snow Because many times they get a day or so off from school and they get to go sledding or, better yet, a snowball battle. With the snowfall that we had this year, the children could have made tunnels and forts as I did when I was young. I had to wait until dad was done shoveling to have enough snow to build a tunnel. I can imagine children making up stories about the snow and how they climbed a mountain that was bigger than the house or how they won king of the mountain. A novelist could write a story about children or about how someone got lost in the storm.

One thing I am thankful for is there was not a widespread power loss. While there was some loss of life, I think it could have been much worse if we did not have the advance warning from the weather service. Being creative starts in a person’s mind and even though I’ve been going stir crazy, I wouldn’t give up my four seasons because there is good and bad in each of them. Maybe now, six days after the storm, and my street is finally plowed, I will see the beauty of it. If I was a good fiction writer, I would come up with several stories inspired by this storm. Although I can come up with an idea, my writing skills do not lend themselves to that style of writing so, I look forward to the many stories, both fictional and nonfictional, that will come out of this storm.

Being disabled is like the four seasons, it has both good and bad parts. The bad things are pretty obvious, things are harder to do and people give you less respect. Some of the good things are I attended college and completely my Bachelor of Social Work degree. I have also started my coaching business, Fresh Outlook Coach, freshoutlookcoach.


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