10 Lessons to Empower Yourself When Newly Disabled

Would you like some extra help with learning some new skills associated with being newly disabled?
Are you having problems navigating the waters?
Then do I have the course for you!
I have developed this course called
10 Lessons to Empower Yourself When Newly Disabled.
In this course you will be challenged and quizzed to help you realize that you are still a person and not a disability.

It will also help you with things like:
• Mobility – we will go over the importance
• Patience – tips on how to have more of it
• Organization – you will now need to be more organized

After completing this course you will be:
• More confident
• Be able to be more independent
• Start to dream again

Picture of YvonneThese are things I wish I would have had when I lost most of my sight back in 2004.

What is getting back your dreams worth to you?
How about learning how to be more independent?
You get all 10 lessons for only….
But wait, since you are here today, that means you are special and apparently have connections 😉 so you get the special price of
only $47!

There is a private Facebook group so you can connect to other newly disabled people. And I will be there so you can ask me any questions you may have.