E – Expect More From Yourself

Continuing with our series with what Fresh Outlook stands for we are up to “E”. Many times when a person becomes disabled they may want to give up on their dreams, but at least in my opinion, you should expect more from yourself and not less. Just because you may not be able to do things the way you may have done them in the past does not mean you cannot still do them. Many times you will have a period of trial and error to figure out ways to get things done. When you tap into your imagination the sky can be the limit! Take some time to think about all the ways that one task can be accomplished, frankly it can be surprising.

When I first lost most of my sight it was hard for me to do many things, but because I expected more from myself I kept trying and now I can do them with more ease. One example is cooking. At first I had people around me telling me how amazing it was that I could still cook. Now granted I did not cook a lot right away, but I practiced and now I am the primary cook of Thanksgiving dinner. And when my great niece comes over I always make sure we always cook something together. Next time it will be chicken corn soup, so far it has been cookies and cake from scratch, what fun!

So don’t set your sights low, dream big, and expect more from yourself than others expect from you. I am sure you will end up surprising yourself in what you can do. Remember when you believe you can achieve, expect great things and you will get there, it just might take some time.

Until next time, take care and keep dreaming!


One thought on “E – Expect More From Yourself”

  1. hi yvonne; i like this series. I think when you are through with it you could condor doing an interview post based on it. my friend derrick headline hayes offers what he calls a derrick interview. you email him answers to questions based on the letters in his name. my derrick interview was one of the first times I was ever seen on someone else’s site. It got me a few new visitors and lead to a new friend. Yes its all about having courage, patience, and imagination. and this is true for anyone. It may be more important to people with disabilities, but no one achieves a big goal without having a strong spirit and being resilient. best of luck with the series, max

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