Direct TV

Okay I just had to share, I just had my Direct TV DVR upgraded and can now get the talking menu! It is so very cool, when I change channels it now tells me the channel, the program, what time it started and what time it will end and how I can start it from the beginning (I guess if possible, not all programs can be rewound). The only think I do not like is it is much louder than I have my TV sound. The other thing that is kind of crappy is that I can only get the talking menus and audio description downstairs where the main genie is and not any other TV in the house. But for now I am happy to be able to watch anything I record from now forward or I can now even check out the on demand stuff! WOW 🙂

Isn’t it sad that little things like this take so long to get and make the blind so happy. Why do people forget the disabled community?


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