I am listening to Oprah’s Belief while I am writing this and the episode that is on is talking about Muslims. I tell you this because I think it fits beautifully with today’s quotes and the views of Muslims in today’s world. I find it so very sad that a few can shed such a negative shadow on a religion as a whole. I am not sure why some extremist seem to want to go back in time and I really do not understand why think they think violence is the way to go. I wish there could be more peace and understanding in the world. Why can’t people see how similar we are and celebrate the similarities and not just look at our differences?

I apologize for getting a little off topic today and getting on my little soap box. I just don’t understand why it is so difficult for people to see each other as people first and respect their choices. I feel discrimination because I am blind which is not right, but I don’t have to live in fear of dyeing because of my disability so why should someone with a different religion?


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