A Day in My Dog’s Life

It's a dogs life picture of Lilly with a red bow

Hi everybody, this is Lilly I am so happy I am getting lots of attention and I just love attention. I am going to tell you what it is like in a dogs life. Most of the day when Yvonne is typing I just keep an ear open for her to stop typing so I can quick run over and get some loving (I wonder if she knows that)? I was told I am suppose to tell you about my day, it is pretty laid back, but here’s how this morning started.

I was awake earlier, as usual, hoping she would wake up because I am hungry and honestly I need to go out. Why do I have to go outside to go potty when everyone else gets to stay inside? If I “accidently” go in the house I get yelled at, it is just not fair! Oh, there she is making movements, yippee I think it might be time to get up. Now she tells me I need to wait until 7am, does she really think I can tell time? Please don’t fall back to sleep, I hate when she does that. I wish she would remember that I am getting old and it is getting harder for me to hold it longer. Yea, looks like it’s time got to go.

Boy do I feel better, I got to go out and have breakfast. She made me wait outside while she was doing something in the kitchen, another thing that isn’t fair, and when I tried to let myself in she yelled at me. Time to go back to bed for a little while. I wonder if she is going to tease me again by getting up and down from bed before we go downstairs for the day?

Oh man, She’s going downstairs I need to hurry up and get to the steps because I always need to be first getting down the steps. I am so happy I got down first her sister just got here and now I am showing her how happy I am by doing my happy dance on the sofa. I needed to get up on the sofa to show I’m happy and to scratch my nose. Now more attention, it is a great day!

It’s just the two of us now and back to our normal routine. I am laying on the floor right now and just making my little roughing sounds when I hear something interesting that does not require me to get up. Other times I will need to get up and actually bark at the door. Since Yvonne is blind so this is an important job for me. Many times Yvonne has no idea what I’m barking at, and sometimes it is just to make sure other people know I am here to protect my human. Of course there is a lot of sleeping going on in-between because protecting Yvonne and looking this beautiful takes a lot of energy you know.

Just wondering do you have a dog that can come over and play? Yvonne’s sister’s dog doesn’t like to play, maybe because he is to small, after all he can fit under my legs if he wanted to. Fred is a boy dog and has something I don’t have and everyone gets upset with me when I try to figure out what it is, all I do is smell it, I’m not hurting him. Then Fred gets scared, he is such a little baby. So if you have a dog to come play please make sure they aren’t a little boy baby please. Okay, I’m tired of writing and I think you get the idea of how exciting my days generally are so time for a nap.

I hope you enjoyed the cute little article from my dog, Lilly. I do want to tie it into something a little serious though. Take time to look at things through a different perspective not everything is black and white. When I first lost my sight it was, no pun intended, an eye opening experience. There are so many small things around that can make such a large impact on the life of a person with a disability. We as people with disabilities need to learn how to speak up for ourselves and have the confidence to say what we need. If you have enjoyed this article please leave a comment on the blog and pass it along.


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